About Playstage

Lynn Brittney

Lynn Brittney

Playstage was started in 2002 by Lynn Brittney who is a published playwright and children’s author. In a previous life, Lynn was a drama teacher for both children and adults and started writing plays for her own students to perform. Her adult plays (published by Samuel French) have been performed all over the world but it was in the area of children’s plays that Lynn felt there was the greatest need. Her own experiences as a drama teacher in a primary school highlighted the lack of easy to perform plays and so she set about filling the gap herself.

“I feel passionately that drama in schools is undervalued at primary level and it is a shame because experience has taught me the value of drama as a tool for building confidence, stimulating imagination and enhancing reading skills. So often, drama in primary schools (and some secondary schools) is pushed out by the demands of the rest of the curriculum and yet it can be of tremendous value by complimenting classroom work in history, humanities and English.”

All the plays in the Playstage catalogue have been performed successfully … throughout the world. Each play is accompanied by helpful teacher’s/leader’s notes which explain how to stage the plays, dress the actors and make the props.

Read more about Lynn Brittney and her other publications here … https://lynnbrittney.com