Plays for Years 3/4/5

The plays in this section are filled with animals, bees, butterflies, and other delightful creatures which will appeal to children of this age range.

Since this is the period when children are, hopefully, becoming literate and beginning to love the art of storytelling, we have chosen plays for them that reflect that introductory period to literature. There are folk tales – such as Dick Whittington and his Cat; Town Mouse and Country Mouse; Peter and the Wolf and the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Familiar stories with lots of creatures and simple songs and dances. The very recognisable Beatrix Potter Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny has been tremendously popular with this age group and we hope to add to our Beatrix Potter tales in the near future. All of the aforementioned plays can be reinforced in the classroom with the appropriate books and videos. Then we have some original plays such as The Easter Bunny; The Fancy Dress Party and Where’s The Honey?

All of the plays are undemanding with lots of fun dressing-up and imitating insects or animals. A great opportunity to enhance children’s literacy and personal presentation skills – as well as being fun, of course!