Anansi and the Box of Stories by Wendy de Rusett

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A charming short play, from Afro-Caribbean tradition, for younger children to perform. It tells the tale of how Anansi the Spider and his brother, climbed up to the Goddess in the Sky to bargain with her for her box of stories, so that all the children of the world could listen to stories when they go to bed. The use of African music is suggested in the script and some links are given.

The play is only 10 to 15 minutes long, depending upon any movement/dancing incorporated into the story.


Set in the forest, the children of the village grow restless at bedtime and want to hear a story. But their parents and grandparents don’t know any stories, so the children call for Anansi the Spider, and ask him for his help. He says he knows that a Goddess in the Sky has a box of stories, but she will not part with them. Anansi’s brother offers to go and persuade her to part with the box. The Goddess, however, decides she wants some things from Earth in return for the box and Anansi and his brother find themselves having to perform some tricky tasks in order to please the selfish Goddess.

Filled with colourful costumes, some mime and movement and puppetry. This is a joyous little play that will delight any audience.

12 speaking parts.

Unlimited chorus/non-speaking animals, insects, trees, birds/puppeteers.

No music is written into this play, but background music is recommended.

No scenery is required.

As with all our plays, there are full production notes that give advice on scenery, props and costumes.

See a sample of Anansi and the Box of Stories