Creation Stories of the Ancient World by Lynn Brittney

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Three delightful short plays featuring gentle creation stories from the ancient Australian Aborigine, Chinese and Inca cultures. These plays are perfect either performed together, as possibly an open day presentation, or performed separately as curriculum support assemblies or classroom exercises. The plays can be used to support the study of Ancient Cultures and also Earth Sciences.

Each play is about 10 minutes long (the addition of dances could extend this time).


The three short plays from ancient cultures about Creation and the Earth. The first play, Dreamtime – is an Australian Aborigine story about the transition to the Waking Time, when the Ancestors – representatives of all living things – awoke and began to populate the Earth. The second play, The Suns of Di Jun, is an ancient Chinese story which attempts to explain why the Earth has different time zones. The third play, Father Sun and his Children, is a story from the Inca civilization which explains how human beings were given knowledge to elevate them above other living things. The plays make use of appropriate background music, which is suggested in the script. All the plays are meant to have colourful costumes and to incorporate movement and mime in the drama.

If all 3 plays are performed together then there are parts for 41 children. If you do not perform the Chinese play, then you will only require 24 children. Similarly, you can mix and match the plays according to your needs. It is easy to add non-speaking parts by adding extra Ancestors/Animals or Humans. So, these plays are entirely flexible when it comes to numbers.

No music is written into this play and no scenery is required.

As with all our plays, there are full production notes that give advice on scenery, props and costumes.

See a sample of Creation Stories of the Ancient World