Jack and the Beanstalk by Lynn Brittney

£20.00 incl. zero VAT

The approximate running time of this play is 40 minutes.

Running at about 40 minutes, this is one of our longer pantomimes, but it is told in the traditional way. The Dame chats with the audience; there’s a comic cow; the Giant’s wife has had enough of her slob of a husband and it all turns out well in the end! We have made this story very easy to stage. There’s a beanstalk but no-one climbs it or chops it down! Songs are sung by a group of townspeople but they can be eliminated altogether if you don’t have enough children and it won’t affect the script at all. A thoroughly enjoyable and traditional panto.


Some of the songs suggested are:

  • Perfect Day
  • Money, Money, Money
  • Rescue Me

To see the full list of songs and cast size, please click the link below to view a sample of the play.

See a sample of Jack and the Beanstalk (includes cast size etc.)