Pay Attention, 007! By Lynn Brittney

£20.00 incl. zero VAT

The play is approximately 30 minutes long. Short pieces of music are recommended. Songs could be added if you wished to make it longer.

A brilliant way to teach your class (or the whole school – or even parents) about the power of plants. M sends 007 on a new training course, being run by Q and his assistants. It’s top-secret. They have a new batch of exceptional recruits – skilled in the arts of defence, protection and, even, licensed to kill. Yes, it’s the seeds and plants, that 007 finds out, to his cost, are even more formidable than he is, out in the field.


007 turns up at Q’s headquarters for a new training course, all about the power of plants. First, he learns some pretty basic stuff about the parts of plants and their life cycle – but then he is introduced to the new recruits. He is introduced to the powerhouse seeds, in various forms, that start the whole growth cycle off. Then it’s the young plants. He is shown their training schedule – sun, warmth, water, etc. Very impressive. But plants are just plants, aren’t they? They don’t have any special skills. Wrong! 007 finds out to his cost that some plants have unique defensive skills – super-powers, if you like (stinging nettles, anyone?) Then he meets the ‘bodyguard’ plants. The noble souls that, if planted next to a fruit or vegetable crop, will protect that crop from harm by insects and rodents. Finally, he meets (at a safe distance) the Double O plants. The ones that are licensed to kill. He understands firmly that you wouldn’t want to mess with any of those assassin plants. They are just plain lethal.

This play is a fun way to cover the curriculum requirement for pupils to learn about plants and their life cycle, with some extra knowledge thrown in!

33 parts (mostly speaking), could easily be more, or less, with doubling. Extremely flexible casting for gender and numbers.

As with all our plays, there are full production notes that give advice of scenery, props and costumes.

See a sample of Pay Attention, 007