Polly Parrot and the Pirates by Janet Hodge

£24.00 incl. zero VAT

The approximate running time of this play is 1 hour.

Janet Hodge is shaping up to be as eccentric as all our other writers! This is her third play – another pantomime – complete with Dame, a giant parrot (?), pirates and spies. Great fun is had by all! Bad jokes abound, songs are sung – there’s even a Genie in a bottle! What more could you ask?


Dame Shipshape and her daughter Suzy run the Pop Inn, ever since the Dame’s husband disappeared mysteriously. But, it turns out that he worked for NUTS (the National Undercover Technical Service) and lots of people want to get their hands on a mysterious treasure map he left behind. Polly is a pirate’s parrot but they keep threatening to make her into parrot pie so she leaves the pirates, seeks refuge with Dame Shipshape and proves to be a fantastic cook (yeah, we know, it’s daft – but it works). A jolly romp to an island in the sun brings this panto to its conclusion. Lots of songs.

34 speaking parts. Unlimited non-speaking. Runs for about 1 hour. As with all our plays, there are full production notes that give advice on scenery, prop and costume-making.

See a sample of the Polly Parrot and the Pirates script (includes cast size etc.)