Rainforest Goodbye by Wendy de Rusett

£16.00 incl. zero VAT

The play is approximately 20 minutes long, depending upon how many children you have in the play and how long the recommended dances run for.

A short play, mostly in rhyme, about the tragedy of the disappearing rainforests and the impact it is having on Indonesia, in particular. Links are given to some Indonesian music and sound effects which add some depth and colour to the story. The audience will learn about the process of deforestation and the damage that it has done to animal, plant, insect, reptile and human life.


The play takes the audience through the whole deforestation process and the planting of the date palm plantations. It explains how these huge plantations have affected not just the plants, creatures and humans who used to live in the rainforests, but also the impact they have had on soil erosion, climate and the general ecosystem. The play is filled with colourful costumes, movement and puppetry. INFORMATION IS GIVEN IN THE SCRIPT AS TO WHERE TEACHERS CAN OBTAIN CLASSROOM PACKS ON THE TOPIC OF RAINFORESTS.

There can be as many as 50 speaking parts, or there can be half that, if children double up on parts.

Links are given for all background music and sound effects.

As with all our plays, there are full production notes that give advice on scenery, props and costumes.

See a sample of Rainforest Goodbye