Ring a Ring a Roses by Lynn Brittney

£18.00 incl. zero VAT

The approximate running time of this play is 20 minutes.

A compilation of Victorian, or earlier, street games and rhymes. An excellent exhibition piece which could be done in costume, with traditional toys as props as part of a Victorian social history programme.The number of performers is totally flexible.



Who remembers the old playground games such as “Here we go Looby Loo” and “Oranges and Lemons”? Well, here is the perfect opportunity to teach today’s children how to play these harmless but, sometimes, fiendishly clever games. An excellent way to get children moving and into the spirit of the Victorian era.

As with all our plays, there are full production notes that give advice on scenery, prop and costume-making.

Basic sheet music is included. But all songs should be sung unaccompanied, in true playground fashion.

See a sample of the Ring a Ring a Roses play (includes cast size etc.)