Sleeping Beauty by Lynn Brittney ~ a not-so mini pantomime

£20.00 incl. zero VAT

The approximate running time of this play is 35 minutes.

This one runs for about forty minutes, which makes it almost twice the size of the other pantomimes in this category. Still – it just means twice the fun! And, please be assured, absolutely no-one kisses anyone! So that’s a relief!


We all know the story. The King doesn’t invite the Black Fairy to the christening of his daughter, the Princess Aurora, so the Black Fairy gets cross and makes a spell decreeing that the princess will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die when she is sixteen. Then the plot deviates a bit from the original story … Princess Aurora is a bit of a swot who likes crafts, reading and hates parties. The Black Fairy sends her minions in (a pair of Goths called Crabby Patty and Sarky Sam) to pose as normal teenagers and trick her into pricking her finger. The Princess and all her family and friends sleep for a hundred years.

Unfortunately, the Prince who is supposed to save her is a fairly typical teenager – never gets out of bed before midday, spends his time playing computer games and downloading music on to his Ipod. So it is left to his dog and a handsome Woodcutter’s son to sort things out. Sigh! Things never go to plan, do they?

There are no songs suggested in this script but feel free to add your own.

As with all our plays, there are full production notes that give advice on scenery, props and costumes

See a sample of the Sleeping Beauty script (includes cast size etc.)