The Fancy Dress Party by Stewart Auty

£24.00 incl. zero VAT

The approximate running time of this play is 35 minutes.

A man gets an invitation to a Fancy Dress party and decides to go as Dr.Who. Once he has the costume on and is accompanied by an Assistant, this seems to involve some time travel and meeting lots of odd characters before they finally end up at the party. It is suggested that this play is performed using original artistes’ tracks for children to mime/dance along to. Also, you will need to find someone (a teenage boy?) to mix a disco track for you. The play is great fun (lots of costumes but we give you pictures of the costumes) and has a great party/audience participation ending.


Some of the songs are:

  • Saturday Night at the Movies
  • Wild Thing
  • Urban Spaceman
  • It’s a Kind of Magic
  • YMCA

To see the full list of songs and cast size, please click the link below to view a sample of the play.
Sample of The Fancy Dress Party (includes cast size etc.)
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