The Mayor Who Banned Christmas by Lynn Brittney

£18.00 incl. zero VAT

The approximate running time of this play is 20 minutes.

Mr. Robinson is fed up with the current Mayor of his town – a lazy man who keeps creating unnecessary public holidays like “Take Your Child to the Seaside Day”. He decides to run for Mayor himself and ban all holidays. Unfortunately, he decides to include Christmas in the ban but the townspeople have other ideas.



Up to 20 speaking parts (flexible), unlimited numbers of townspeople.

Basic sheet music included for one song. Other songs could be added.

Mr Robinson points out to the townspeople that all the holidays are making local businesses unproductive and they will all soon be out of jobs if they don’t see reason. So the town votes him in as Mayor and it is all a great success – until he gets carried away and decides to ban the Christmas holiday. Mrs Robinson, however, comes to the rescue with a secret plan which, eventually, makes her husband realize the error of his ways!

As with all our plays, there are full production notes that give advice on scenery, prop and costume-making.

See a sample of The Mayor Who Banned Christmas script